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Network Infrastructure & SDN - Software Defined Networking

At United Telecom we are providing to our customers complete solutions comprised of all the necessary ingredients that make up a complete, productive and financially effective networks accompanied by all necessary provisions for highest possible security and highest levels of availability.


Our proposal will cover Your needs completely in all phases of a Secure Network project, starting from the needs analysis up to the delivery of Your Ready-To-Go turn-key solution. Depending on project needs, we will also take full responsibility for perfect operations and maintenance of the provided systems.

Our Solutions are cutting edge. We are using the most advanced systems of open systems architecture and guaranteed interoperability with other standards-based solutions from other manufacturers, keeping all options open towards future technologies and always avoiding customer lock-in.

diktiakesipodomes2We can cover networking needs of the highest demands like SSL VPN, NAC-UAC, APPLICATION Security, UTM, EndPoint Protection, BYOD, ACCELERATION, Switching, Virtual Chassis, Fabric-Switching, Carrier grade Routing & Gateways, Managed WiFi, WAN, MPLS, ΑΑΑ and many more using systems designed and provided by the worldwide top tier manufacturers.

The new devices (SmartPhones and Tablets) have generated a whole lot of new functional requirements to the networks.


The demand for immediate, fast, continuous and uninterrupted service provision and secure accessibility to the valuable corporate data over a “common-use” network, like the internet has increased radically the stress level to the systems, the connection lines and the interconnection facilities which comprise the enterprise network.

The need to separate private and corporate-owned data on the same device in a secure manner is a new demand, which was not existent just a few years ago.

The need for more effective management of the corporate network, the relentless pressure for cost-control in the use and maintenance of the networks have brought about various new technologies.


We are at the forefront of a newborn technology, which will influence substantially the design, build and management of the new networks in the days to come, and the technology is named SDN - Software Defined Networking. 

The benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN) will ease all aspects of provisioning, use, management and adjustments of the new networking infrastructures for enterprises, and all related activities will get far more flexible, responsive and economic compared to what the industry assumes as normal today. This will be accomplished by “moving” the network-functions (the Network) to Virtual infrastructures.

The scale of economy, the automation, the flexibility and the speed which have been achieved gradually but steadily up to now in the areas of Server and Storage Virtualization by moving them to an environment of Virtualized infrastructure, will also happen to the Network-functions, i.e. they will be transformed and moved gradually to the CLOUD. 


All in all, Software Defined Networking is the framework of designs, specifications, methods, rules, procedures, products and systems for transferring the Network-functions of the enterprise to the Cloud.

The route to SDN comprises many phases and will be constantly evolving. As always in high technology, the early adopters who will embrace the new thinking , methods and tools will reap the maximum of the benefits, technically and economically.

It is possible that in the course of the evolution a chasm of new technological capabilities between the enterprises with advanced networking capabilities, functions and flexibility will develop, an"SDN-chasm" which will also be accountable for significant cost advantages in favor of those who have embraced the new technology early enough.


diktiakesipodomes5Juniper Networks is one of the few key industry leaders who lead the technological developments in the area of SDN – Software Defined Networking and has a very clear view where the new designs, concepts and methods can lead the Networks, what it takes to build them, how to deploy them with the best possible results for the enterprises and the benefits that these Networks will generate in terms of flexibility, speed, reliability, adaptability, the cost of owning and using them.

We are already providing building blocks of Networks designed to the specifications of SDN, providing the promised benefits. 


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