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Secure Mobility και BYOD – Secure Access & NAC


The phenomenal shift in usage behavior of the new mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has generated a tremendous stress on the networks. The unprecedented ease and convenience in the use of the new mobile applications has led all of us to easily use our personally owned mobile devices also for corporate use.

This phenomenon has put a new burden on the IT administrators, which did not exist only few years ago, and even if it existed it was rejected by prohibiting such use. And the name of this new burden is: DATA SECURITY.


 The popularity of using personal devices for corporate use has raised many security issues. Such issues include the integrity of the personal data on these devices on one side, and the protection of the corporate data from landing at the wrong hands, due to lack of integrated security mechanisms on the device-side and on the corporate DataCenter side.

The Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite of Pulse-Seecure Inc., a spin-off of Juniper Networks Inc., is protecting the mobile devices against viruses, malware, spam, loss, theft, violence of privacy and other threats. It is a lively tool in the servicing the enterprise, providing additional capabilities like secure access to corporate e-mails, it has an incorporated mobile firewall, secure and ciphered remote network access (SSL-VPN) to all or part of the corporate data  network and the server and database infrastructure.


With Pulse Secure’s Solutions your ENTERPRISE ACCESS will enjoy new dimensions.



Pulse Secure Client - Mobile VPN Solution

adobe-pdf-logo Pulse Secure for iOS

adobe-pdf-logo Pulse Secure for Google Android

Pulse Secure's unified client provides employees and contractors easy, anytime, anywhere access and security to corporate networks from corporate or personal devices.





Best-in-Class Gateway Integration is achieved with Pulse Secure’sUnified Mobility Client, which is FIPS 140-2 compliant and works seamlessly with Connect Secure and Policy Secure for secure enterprise mobility:

byob10a byob10b



adobe-pdf-logo Pulse Workspace
- Trusted BYOD Solution for Mobile Devices

Pulse Secure Pulse Workspace is helping companies rethink mobility. Pulse Workspace provides a trusted BYOD container for iOS and Android that secures the apps your company needs and gives workers a native user experience that separates work and life.



Container Security without Compromises:

Pulse Workspace secures any mobile app without making security and usability tradeoffs.



End-to-End Security with On-Demand Connectivity:

Pulse Workspace simplifies how BYOD users securely connect to applications and services.


Workspace-VPN Integration

Direct Workspace integration with the corporate VPN provides a simpler approach that gives granular connectivity controls, delivers the optimum user experience and eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks.


adobe-pdf-logo Pulse ONE - Mobility Management Console

Pulse One streamlines your access management with the centralized control and visibility of Pulse One. We've unified management of Pulse Secure VPN, NAC and Mobility solutions into a single easy-to-use console, including Mobile Device Management (EMM).


Total Control

Control enterprise access to the datacenter and cloud from a single console.




Easy Administration

Centrally manage configuration and policy for remote and mobile access


adobe-pdf-logo Centralized Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)





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